Hello I'm Christian,

I Build Effective Websites.

I focus on creating and optimizing your online presence by creating or maintaining a  website for you.

My skills

Increase your leads and sales by turning your visitors into customers with a high-performance website.






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About Me

I am Christian Djanchi, web administrator. I like to use the market-leading WordPress CMS and its "ecosystem" to create efficient and user-friendly websites.

Always ready to learn, unlearn and relearn, I have evolved professionally over the past ten years with great enthusiasm to provide IT solutions, both in-house and freelance.

My adaptability, collaboration and leadership skills make me an effective resource for the optimal realization of your web projects. On a personal level, enjoy visual arts, web programming, technological watch, reading, traveling, gaming and Scrabble.

Web Projects

Below are some professional and personal projects, discover my know-how. Other projects will be posted regularly.

What They Say About Me

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