About Me

Let me introduce myself and my work process in few words.

Windows 98… The beginning of everything !

I became a computer enthusiast when I got my very first computer with Windows 98 installed. It was a long time ago, but I still remember it very well. Curious as I was, I would spend hours discovering its features and fiddling with it when there was a problem. This passion guided my choice of studies. Today, I am a freelance Webmaster and IT Support and this passion has not left me since.

A graduate in Network and Multimedia since 2012, I have been working to provide IT solutions, both in business and as a freelancer now. For the last three years I have been focusing particularly on websites design and development. Alongside my freelance activity, I continue to train. I like to keep abreast of new technology in my field and to carry out projects about which I feel strongly.

Always ready to learn, unlearn and relearn, I have evolved professionally over the past ten years with great enthusiasm to provide IT solutions, both in-house and freelance.

My adaptability, collaboration and leadership skills make me an effective resource for the optimal realization of your web projects. On a personal level, enjoy visual arts, web programming, technological watch, reading, traveling, gaming and Scrabble.

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