Below are some of the services I offer to help bring your idea to life.

One of the concise definitions of web development that I like is this one: “Web development is about creating technical, creative and functional solutions to an idea, a need or a real-world problem, all using web technologies and infrastructures.” This definition is taken from an article in french (written by the excellent Nicolas Brondin-Bernard ) that you can consult here.

Currently I use the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress as a working tool for professional web projects. Why this choice? The main reason is that according to the latest statistics from W3Techs (a division of Q-Success Web-based Services), WordPress currently powers 43.3% of the web and holds a 65.3% market share for content management systems on websites with a known CMS (as of January 27, 2022). In other words, more than a third of the world’s websites run on WordPress. Therefore, I offer to design “responsive” websites, i.e. the layout will be adapted to the screen of different devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet), with single or multi-page, and e-commerce websites (online store) using WordPress. Depending on the need, I can use other tools to satisfy the client’s request. Have a look at my work here. You can get a free quote by filling this form.

Designing a website is not enough. It is also very important to keep it up to date and “healthy” to avoid hacks and other security breaches. Maintenance includes regularly updating themes and extensions as well as WordPress itself. I can help and advise you on how to improve, optimize, secure and back up your data, add functionality, modify content or change the design of your site. This allows you to concentrate on your business, knowing that your website maintenance is taken care of. Need a hand with that? Let’s get in touch here.

Web Marketing

The major stake of web marketing is to optimize the traffic of a website, in other words, to increase the number of its visitors. To do this, I use two marketing levers to meet your needs:
  • The natural or free referencing (SEO: Search Engine Optimization) and the paid referencing (SEA: Search Engine Advertising). The SEO requires a lot of work because you have to find the keywords, optimize the content and structure of the site, create inbound links and analyze the results. It is constant work. In general, it takes several months to have concrete results. It is therefore a long-term strategy. On the other hand, the results of the SEA are instantaneous. The SEA consists in making a paid advertisement on a search engine by targeting the most relevant keywords, in order to be ahead of the competition in the natural search results.
  • Social networks (community management). Nowadays the use of social networks has become almost unavoidable. An active presence on social networks is therefore a guarantee of development of your visibility on the Internet. However, it is essential to define a strategy beforehand and to carefully choose the networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to invest in and the type of animation that will be privileged for your activity.
It is wise to coordinate community management actions (create and manage your social pages, reinforce your presence and image on social networks, build a community around your brand, make targeted ads) with SEO actions. Let’s get in touch to discuss your needs.

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